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CCS Extended

Christ Central School offers a variety of programs that help families navigate life. Many of these extend the abilities of our students to new levels.




CCS students participate in two musicals each school year! We have a Christmas Musical and a Spring Musical. These productions are sometimes held at CCS. Other times, we use facilities of churches in our area.


Afterschool Program

We know that not all families' schedules are the same. We offer an afterschool program for students from 3:30-5:30pm during the school year. This program is supervised by one of our teaching staff.


Extracurricular Activities

Christ Central offers archery and basketball. Piano and guitar lessons are offered during and after the regular school day. Steve Porter and Lucas Taylor provide these lessons for a minimal fee.



CCS students participate in a daily Chapel Service. Within this service is a student-read devotion followed by student body pledges to the American Flag, Christian Flag, and the Bible. Worship music is a part of our daily Chapel Service.


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